Monday, 21 June 2010

Gianluca Vcam RB26 engine is alive...and kicking...alot

Update On Carlo`s previous engine, which has been modified and sold to his friend addition was HKS Vcam, and HKS Fcon V Pro mapped on 100ron Japanese pump gas. Internals are normal, but exhaust cam is 272/10.25 lift. This ment Sugino san had to do special shim adjustment as the head had already been processed (by the original shop back in UK perhaps)
60kgm of torque was same as before, just its now abundant earlier as is horsepower as is smiles :)

Original power check with boost at 1.6bar

First new engine power check

Final mapping complete power check

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Project Carlo Arrives in Japan! And Dynoed

Project Carlo was power checked today, as we are going to add a HKS vcam and Fcon V Pro to his normal engine to improve low down torque. Then this engine is coming out and being sent back to Italy to a new owner....while the chassi remains here, and will have a full refresh as it was a UK car, while the exterior was perfect, the underside of the car was quite rusty, so that will be rectified during the cars stay in Japan, then Project Carlo gets the long awated engine transplant, so goes from 500hp R34 Engine to 850~900hp New N1 block semi counter engine with Vcam!!!

Anyway this is post is mainly for Carlo san, as he is the only one who still reads this blog hehehe