Thursday, 4 December 2008

Titanium Toe Eye

Titanium Tow Eyes to fit most cars. email ueda @ for prices etc

Last race of the year!

Last race of the year, 今年最後のレースで・・・
The belt failed on the car as you may have previously read, so we changed the belt for the uprated ones, and went out again! パワステベルトが切れるという惨事に泣きつつも、

This is from the cars fitst ever outing, many people racing, some good rubber was layed down, and on a non prepped track, we got a 60ft of 1.471...then the belt broke..

This, our first run of the other cars were racing, just 2 drag GTRs. So we have no rubber layed down and on a cold day, with track temp under 10degrees. With 1.7bar on the T88-38gk turbo, we could only manage a 1.743 60ft.....Sugino san said the Buddy club suspension we were using should not be used anymore, as just too dangerous at top speed, he then commented as he got into 3rd, and bogged down, the car tried to steer into the timing equipment which is located in the centre of the track!!! So a slight let off on the throttle, then straighten up, then back on still gave us a 9.719sec run @ 245kmh
Then when back in the pits, we made some adjustments to 4wd controller, and upped the boost to 2.0kgm. 4wd controller allowed us to post a 1.501 60ft time, which is respectable considering the conditions on the day, then buddy club suspension also caused us issues in this run, almost sending Sugino san into barrier. He said he slightly let off straightened her up, and powered through with a 9.437 @ 243kmh.....which he was happy with considering the run.

The we tried 2.3bar boost, it was around 1 hour between the last run, we just couldnt keep traction, and Sugino san let off and rolled through the line with a 9.9sec time....

And then a nice sunset, and roll on 2009.....where we have some new parts, and new equipment to test :)


Wednesday, 3 December 2008

pika pika bolt set

I know a few of you guys have been asking for these, and if there is enough demand, next year we can make them in purple too :)

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Today we had a delivery......Sugino san gave me the box to unrap, inside I saw the new incar camera holder :) this for you guys is not special.....but it means were taking the white R32 out this thursday for a private session at central circuit! I hope the rain holds off, so we can see what the car can do, Sugino san said, although the steering belt snapped in second gear, he said the way the car hooked up was faster then the 8sec R33 GTR we made. So the potential is there....
And this photo, got a chance to talk with Kawakami san, and he showed me his new demo car, carbon interior for D1 street class....flip up system was what caught my eye!

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Racing Today...

We were up at 5am!!!!!!! yes 5am arrived at the circuit at loaded car, I took around 100 photos, but its 7am and we finished work now (back at endless) so its hometime but here is a few and an update on what happened, more will follow tomorrow :)


Sugino sans uniform and tools


Some things you just cant plan for, and on the first run in second gear, Sugino san snapped the steering belt.......couldnt believe my luck......I didnt even see his run as I was too busy taking a piss and not doing my job!!.....sorry all....but there is another chance we will be out last week :)

Gotou san and Saeki san, get ready to do battle  

Drift S13, Driver was very talented.....tellting this as he was one of the few who still had the paint left on!

Hardcore lancer was complete private tuned, with his own carbon parts and induction system
個人でのチューニングでしょうか♪ 硬派なカーボン使い・・・・

Carshop F1 R34s ready for time attack  

CE28N on R34 GTR from car shop F1  

Active R33 which won on the day, using endless surge tank an 2 x TD06

Rear of the Hakosuka GT-R

This R34 was a 600ps Circuit machine, with chrome TE37s, they were the best looking TE37s I have seen.
R34 GTR taken from above, very aggressive body kit...

Active came first, with a 9.580, Endless second with 9.670 and Feast 3rd with 9.740..only one other car ran a 9sec pass on the day...very very cold circuit.