Friday, 19 December 2008

Today at the shop

Today at the shop, I watched Houdatchi install another Vcam system on a customers R32 GTR.
Engine is normal 2568cc RB26DETT, but we today added HKS Vcam, HKS Fcon V Pro, HKS and upped injector cc. Responce when the vcam is switched on, is compleatly different. Without vcam in 5th @ 4,000rpm the RB26DETT feels like it struggles alot. Flip the Vcam on, and very different, like add a few extra CCs of displacement that you didnt have before :)
最近Vカムがきてます!今日はR32へのインストールです!ノーマルRB26エンジンですが、さすがHKS Vカム、高いだけあります。まったく違ったエンジンに豹変させます・・・

おまけ カーボン

Wednesday, 17 December 2008

back :)

Hello all, sorry for the delay in updates on the blog....we have been very very busy with some new parts design, a new Vcam GTR, committing to the Osaka auto messe in Feb and also I have been given slightly over 1000 very old photos form Sugino san. Here is the pile of ones I want to share with you, looks like I am in for a long week of

HKS Vカムインストール、新しいパーツのデザイン、オートメッセのことやらで忙殺されておりました。

This is old photo showing Trust old twin drag manifold setup.


Endless second tuning shop, Opened in 1993, and to celebrate we had one of HKS Original Zero-R cars in the shop, and Trust drag R32. (HKS and Trust....great competitors.....if one does something for us, the other demands we have their goods/demo car too...haha)

Our prototype design manifold, this was compleated back in 1992, Turbo is an IHI but back then tuning was still in its infancy, we didnt have the hugh choice of giant turbos / wastegates we have now, this kit was for around 700hp and only need 2 tiny wastegates!
More tomorrow: