Saturday, 13 December 2008

Carbon Fibre Piston

Something I found very interesting while looking through one of our books, and this is even going back a few years.....ATS made a 200g carbon fibre piston for the Honda S2000, that requires no piston rings due to the expansion properties of carbon :) Just take a look at these pics....shame its just a prototype, but looks very very sexy!

Veilside Japan is sold

Most of you who read this, know of total tuning shop Veilside.
Well recently Veilside Japan was sold to a new owner and now we also have Veilside Nagoya.
Yokomaku san (Veilside`s original founder) has returned to USA to focus on Veilside`s new high end brand body parts.
Check out

One of the main reasons this has come about, which is somewhat of a famous tax is how many Veilside body parts were copied.
Although this can be classed as "famous tax" its also something that hurts the Japanese tuning industry. With that in mind, Veilside knows Lambourghini / Ferrari owners will not put casio watch straps on a rolex, same goes for their cars and its a good way for Veilside to safe guard the future.

HKS Supra 6 speed sequential

HKS have launched a 6 speed sequential transmisison for the 1JZ and 2JZ flagship cars. Its something thats needed in Japan, (although the normal 6 speed transmission has prove very very strong in drag racing) it isnt as fast to use as an up/down sequential.
Most interesting for us is to see how well the Supra will do with this transmission on the circuit.....Endless Norway...Over to you :)


Friday, 12 December 2008

Photo of our polish man Gotou san`s work!

Early this week when I first heard about the project, I couldnt believe my ears...

Rick: "Shacho, R32 dou suru?" (Boss, Whats going to happen with the R32?)
Sugino san: (smiling) "boost up" (laughs)
Rick: Hontoni? (really?)
Sugino san: "hai....tabun omoshiroi" (yes, maybe fun)
Rick: "doshite?" (why?)
Sugino san: "base data"
Rick: "soka....." (how do you translate soka in to english?...anyone?)

Anyway was boring for me to first hear about this project, but I must say, as the days have gone on, I am getting alot more interested.


Thursday, 11 December 2008

Getting the piping in!

Sugino san cleaning his freshly made intake manifold flange, the size difference is because we are still using the same 4 layer sizes are alightly different when fitting to the normal intake manifold.

Twin turbo pipe is modified, to help with turbo shuffle and responce. Too slow responce on the car and the hoosier tires will provide too much grip for the horse we also put adjustable cam pullies on the normal cams, to allow us to adjust the normal cam timing :)


Houdatchi is lining up the pipes, for the fitting of the AFM`s, back turbo pipe was also modified,

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Nismo R35 GTR race car

NISMO R35 GTR, 500ps/1100kg! equals 0.45ps/kg weight is down to full carbon chassi, almost nothing is original road car on these GT cars.

R32 DRAG CAR engine update!

At 4pm today, the "pit" was alive with activity, Sugino san had the guys refit a normal RB26 GTR engine to the drag car, for some datalogging on chassi.
Question which has never really been answered, is how fast can a normal RB26 go over the 0-400m in a well prepped chassi. Well were going to find out....time now is 6:30pm, and in 2hr 30min the new engine is in!
Spec of the new engine for data logging is,




  • Normal RB26 engine from R34 GTR
  • HKS Hideck crank damper pully kit
  • Endless Steering belt
  • 1.1bar boost
  • Endless ROM tune
  • Holinger sequential transmission
  • HKS drag suspension
  • Hoosier tire
Time we are aiming for is 10sec! we will test on the 23rd of December! so keep your eyes pealed
And dont for a second think this is the final engine for the R32, we have something bigger and better which will be revealed to all next year...:) now I have already said too here are a few photos!


Tuesday, 9 December 2008

End of HKS Hideck Engine...on with something new:)

We opened the engine to inspect possible failure of the R32 GTR,
HKS oil pump has failed.....this is the end of the R32 GTR engine, HKS nolonger make parts, so crank is finished, as is conrod.....but have spares if anyone wants :)
This is the main bearing......
This is space plate and cylinder liners, water jackets are filled with cement, for block strength.
Due to the conrod length, the piston pin is moved up, as you can see, however this creates a slight inbalance in the piston, and can cause piston wobble.
Liners and plate, interfitting.
Crankshaft and oil jet, full counter crank is a work of art.
Bottom photo.
Cylinder 1, you can see on the left, the heat caused by oil pump failure.
Heat on the conrod....bearing also failed
Heat on the conrods, only this conrod was damaged.

Bottom left you can see the crankshaft damage
Better photo showing the liners

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Vortex R34 GTR

I heard krazy Kenta san running, he was tired and very much out of breath....."RICK san" he SHOUTED softly in another persons ...go have a look in the pit, see the R34 , and take the camera.

This is what I found

Huge 19" Nismo GT LM alloys, with +12 offset.
Engine badge, "we obtain mach" food for thought I though

Their engine was normal, apart from turbo, cam upgrade, twinturbo pipe was modified for airflow (same thing we do here) but I have to say, the gold plating on the Sard FPR looked very good. Main thing that cought my eye!

Closed and for some reason shaky view??? Bad camera man!
Nice view showing the different MNP III paint.