Saturday, 15 November 2008

carbon fibre 100mm intake funnel

100mm carbon fibre funnel, available with or with out air cleaner, fitting is ok with all 100mm turbos inlets, but for different cars may need shortening.....Please email us for price if your interested mailto:

New photos for Italian RA customer......enjoy!!

Friday, 14 November 2008

Supra Crank pulley

1JZ and 2JZ engines can benifit from new crank pulley which is made from Duralumin and weighs 0.450kg and retails for only Yen: 30,000 postage included

New pillow tension rods

New Pillow ball tension rods, offer an extra 30mm of adjustability.
For S13/S14/R32/R33/R34 Yen: 15,000 posted


This new crank damper is made from very strong Duralumin which also has a weight of only 0.650kg....Price is Yen: 30,000 posted worldwide!!!!


HKS new Fcon software "KEY" can be seen here, Its now USB based, this now replaces all other keys, and ties in with HKS new Fcon V pro ECU which is released later this month.

Rare Nismo RRR block is for sale at the moment, not something you see every day, especially a new one!

Ralf from Germany endess supplied TME Evo VI

We recently supplied Ralf from Germany, this Mitsubishi Lancer TME VI with very little KM on the car, which then turned into a tuned machine as you see below, I hope Ralf san will email us more photos, so we can update the blog....
ドイツからのお客様、ラルフさんから喜びのメールが画像とともに送られてきました!三菱ランサーTME Ⅵです♪

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pre-Stage, is the name of our drag family, and here is our sticker that is worn by all members.

こちら、エンドレスのレーシングチームPRE STAGEの皆様が貼ってくれているステッカーです☆

Pre-Stage members board, which Gotou san has been winning for the last 18months, before the title was held by long time rival Masuda san....they will battle again on the 30th and meet Sugino san in the final

かなりローカルなネタですが・・・G藤さん VS M田さん!!どっちが先に社長の記録を抜くのか???


Okamoto san`s mission returned from HKS, the new engine proved too much coupled with his hoosier drag radials, and he broke......well pretty much every thing in the drive train!......but he did get to test his wipers :)


Our devotion to go faster, has got us looking at alternative materials to make the cars lighter....................................the solution we came up with is children drivers :) endless new circuit driver, he saved us 30kg :)

Our fuel really, we made a fuel additave that allows us to run just high octane gas + this fuel additave. Saves pre-stage members money on HKS drag gas, and means their money is spent on the next part / tuning rather than GAS.......but why is there no stickers? well, we dont want anyone to know our special the cake we bake taste very very nice :)


Houdachi loves GTR, so much so that he wanted to show the world with his new and improved GT-R dance, which I managed to photo here............"can`t touch this....."

Italy bound Subaru`s came today

Checking the Subaru all over, and under.

たまにはスバル、それもインプレッサ TYPE RA。
Oil changed

The flagship badge of the subaru range...
Keep attacking the ring........:) got to love the sticker!
This yello Subaru also is something a special

And the special RA-R.....which is limited to 300 cars only! RA stands for "Record attempt" it features a different turbo blade setup, advanced suspension and links, silicon hose, sports ecu, original trunk, brembo 6 pot calipers, 2 piece rota (only for sti-type ra-r) and has a different tire, subaru home page says "all sold out"

後藤さん 0-400m JDDA 08年のチャンピオン

Gotou sans 9.020 in car run.....

Well done Gotou san, 2008 JDDA champion!


New Movies uploads to youtube

Endless 600ps street R32 GTR owned by Rain san
Full counter engine, with full tune head, trust T517Z turbos, Endless surge tank, R34 6 speed transmission, full interior remake, ganador titanium, exhaust, Nismo LSD, R35 GTR front brakes, dry carbon bonnet, spot welded in key places, Quantum suspension
More photos coming soon!

600ps、フルカウンターエンジン、フルチューンヘッド、T517タービン、エンドレスサージタンク、R34 6速ミッション、内装フルチェンジ、ガナドールフルチタンマフラー、ニスモLSD、R35フロントブレーキ、ドライカーボンボンネット、溶接増し、クアンタムサスペンション!!

Endless R34 drag car movie....

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Central Circuit....1 year in photos....

Best time this year is 9.49 sec
What is that?

Large single turbo on this drag R33 GT-S

Sugino san showing me he can still do burn outs on our central circuit bike

Car shop F1 with endless surgetank and campulleys

Our friends street special R33 GTR, best time is 9.33 this year

Sadly last we will see of stilllway, as they closed shop recently. Another shock for the Japanese tuning industry.

Stillway drag RX7 rear spoiler.....


Endless drag S15, circa 700hp full engine....HKS sequential transmission

Nice view of nature and devistation

Diversion S14 drag silvia poised on all fours.....

Prestage members (endless racing team for last 10 years)

Okamoto san has his game face on, as he drives on, catches our R33 GTR and beats it......this was old engine, as the normal conrods gave uplife on the 2.1ltr, now he has a full 2.2ltr :)
Okamoto san burnout

and on his way to an easy win due to his opposition breaking within the first 60ft, he ran best 10.61 this year....he is the number 1 driver in our prestage team for the NON GTR class.
His car has one of only 5 prototype HKS sequential transmissions. (will show photo)

Our scooter is sticker tuned

Battery kill switch was located in strange location, this car is very tuned but during the day didnt attack the circuit.

Gotou san turbos :)

Feast Power`s number 1 customer has ran a new personal best of 9.4 this season....

Old endless car that changed hands, (was drag, but now circuit machine) and when spoke to the driver, they were logging the movement of the front splitter.....seing how much downforce they can make with this setup.
Duke customer R33 GTR, was running in the 11s

DTM supra of Kyushu launching, it runs two very big IHI turbos, infact the spec is very impressive, but DTM was not original tuner, and the new driver seems to have his time was high 9s.

Runs one of the cleanest RB26 installs I have ever seen, and sounds and goes very very well.

Decide 226 brought their previous 8sec R32 GTR out to play, but now are running a single T88-38gk turbo instead of the twins like we also are. They have made a best time this year of 9.2
This R34 is always at central, so much passion for the sport! He is also a good driver, and battles in the 9.5sec class.

Carshop F1....running hoosier and few endless parts

Another R32 GTR that is running in the 10sec class, its tuned on a low budget, but the driver manages to attend all races, and holds his own in the 10sec class.

Avance MR2, heald the best 60ft of this day, the launch was shocking.....having the engine over the rear drive axle helps alot at the begining, but its a little scary at speed....many let off between 200-400m as front is too light...
Garage Active runs endless surgetank and is also mapped by us for them!

Huge T51R SPL on SR22 engine, best time is 9.5 this year, nice time for pro drag silvia

Garage Ito engine, all chromed....

The most dangerous car I have ever seen, so much cut away.........from under the car, you can see so many holes...was surprised it was allowed to run....considering it was in the low 10sec class..