Sunday, 25 January 2009


Well I am glad to say, after some internet issues with the local provider and my PC having s battle with some tea, we are finally back.....and boy have we got some interesting things coming this way.....firstly were pleased to announce we are working with turbo maker Holset on a performance range, both for twin and single setups.

Turbos will be appearing at the Osaka Auto Messe.
To the left is the T90-R Prototype with the Trust T88-38GK turbo in the centre and the special T100-R on the right. (there will be several other turbo models available, including a low mount high pressure ratio (4.0) setup with highflow compressor housing and 175,000rpm balancing due to the billet compressor wheel, as an example HKS GT2530 has a PR=2.5/RPM=144,000.
All the new range features a machined billet compressor wheels as apposed to the normal forged cast wheels that are found on other turbos. This with the compressor housing allows for some very high pressure ratios and large turbo maps.

As an Example,
HKS T62R has a max PR of 4.3, where as our new turbo will achieve a PR of 5.0. This allows our
HKS T62R can flow around 1300CFM (M3/s) T100-R will flow 1660(M3/s)

Very sexy photo ;)