Monday, 9 November 2009

update on Project carlo, lots of photos

Full head shots, head is now almost finished, copper valve guides are installed, combustion chamber room is processed, head water lines are processed and head is skimmed. extra 4cc capacity was gained from the head processing. COmbustion chamber was then polished.

Sugino san working on the head, enlarging the ports.

Brand new type super highflow HKS oil pump is going to be used, its larger than the Tomei oilpump, so we marked the bolts, took apart and inspected to make sure everything was ok. Then back in the bag and sealed up, will be on the engine very soon.

New N1 waterpump is installed

Bottom end with piston conrods and crank installed

Pistons are recessed to allow higher lift

Piston and conrods checked and balanced

Tomei semi counter crank sitting in nice