Sunday, 5 April 2009

Unisia Jecs Silvia is going to NORWAY!

We went to a special factory on Saturday where we went to photo the unisia jecs silvia which is for sale. At this time the car was in pieces as the engine has to be sent back to Nismo but the chassi is available with the Hewland transmission etc. Here are some of the photos
The car in its racing glory, its last official outing was in 2003.
first thing that impressed me was the rear suspension setup which can be seen here, the subframe was amazing. Also you can see the rear coolers, one for LSD, other for mission and the last for brake fluid, yes thats right they cool the brake fluid to stop the brakes going soft, first time I have seen this.
18" Magnesium centre lock wheels at all four courners with 280 rubber!
Also the Nismo rear calipers can be seen here
I have no idea how many points the rollcage is, but its also, this chassi is so far from the normal car. Here you can see they were starting to use alot of carbon, even for cooling in the back window

The doors are very light, with the inside coverd with a carbon pannel

More of the rollcage

I was told this digital display which is the same used in GT500 R34 GTR class car cost over Yen: 4,000,000 to buy alone!

Here you can see how easy it is to change the engine if needed, the whole front of the car comes apart, check out the reinforcement tho!

The Hewland sequential transmission was out of the car, it weighs around 30kg due to the magnesium housing
Front carbon fibre diffuser by Nismo showed the battle scars, but a nice piece of history, knowing the car has left its signature on some of the worlds best circuits.

Here is a better photos showing the access the race teams needed, for fast parts changes between races or even during the race.

Fuel system is infront of the rear axcel allowing a better weight distribution

I managed to get a few shots of the engine as it was still there, like I said we may be able to guy this also, but need to contact Nismo first, you can see the dry sump system, which is a unisia Jecs setup, The oil pan is also magnesium

Huge AP racing front brake setup

Airjack access line,
Rear trunk is removed compleatly, dry sump tank can be seen here also, on the otherside there is the tank for the brake fluid
better view of the underside, showing the rear links and how different the chassi is

Inside the cockpit
the rollcage is crazy, so was the modification to the drivers seat....I suppose 80laps a race can make your legs ache a little hence the suport that was made

Another full carbon diffuser
Showing the aic jack on the front of the car

floor mounted pedal box, with airjack, not much room!
Note for the last driver,
undershowing harness and driver cooling