Saturday, 8 November 2008

Our new street drag demo car!

Our new street demo car, seen here is testing the Trust T88-38GK (22cm) turbo kit. The engine is HKS 2.8ltr Hi-Deck engine, with special head tuning....on the cars first shake down our president Sugino san ran 10.1 without throttle in 5th gear, boost was only 2.0kgm and the new Hoosier tires allowed us to achieve a 1.45sec 60ft!!! Goals for the car is to be a test tube baby and hopefully break our PB of 8.9sec that we set in 2001.,.......So far its looking very good as we have a much lighter chassi....aswell as a lighter Sugino san (sorry boss) GO-ME-NA-SAI-NE-SHA-CHO-U ;)....more pics and information to follow!

いまここに!エンドレスの2001年より約7年ぶりとなるデモカーが、トラストT88-38GK(22cm)、HKS ハイデッキエンジン、2,8lキット、そしてエンドレスのヘッドチューニングetc...とともに誕生しました。
HKS Camp 2 meter allows us to do away with alot of innecessary harness work, and is the visual display for the fcon pro V....leaves a very clean cockpit.


Our first ever shake down pass, 10.1 @ 234kmh as we had to let off....but the car pulls very very hard, thanks to the lightweight chassi, and 2.0kgm boost.

Camp 2 system, makes fors a very nice cockpit


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