Thursday, 19 February 2009

I have now recovered from the alcohol abuse, so have some time to upload a few more photos of the automesse. So here are some more pics, with more to come......Drip feed anyone? :)
Carbon prop shaft for a number of cars, uses new type of carbon, and not like the older models which are loaded in resin. This is rated to 1200hp and for supra, skyline, silvia etc etc pretty much got a model for most Japanese cars.
Guys from Norway flew over to see us and the cars, here they are with Houdatchi and Sugino san.....I have other photos to show you how we looked later in the evening!
"There she blows captain" in all her glory, the cars name is "baku" which is Japanese creature and whoes name means "eater of dreams".....something we hope will be carried to the circuit.