Thursday, 13 November 2008

Pre-Stage, is the name of our drag family, and here is our sticker that is worn by all members.

こちら、エンドレスのレーシングチームPRE STAGEの皆様が貼ってくれているステッカーです☆

Pre-Stage members board, which Gotou san has been winning for the last 18months, before the title was held by long time rival Masuda san....they will battle again on the 30th and meet Sugino san in the final

かなりローカルなネタですが・・・G藤さん VS M田さん!!どっちが先に社長の記録を抜くのか???


Okamoto san`s mission returned from HKS, the new engine proved too much coupled with his hoosier drag radials, and he broke......well pretty much every thing in the drive train!......but he did get to test his wipers :)


Our devotion to go faster, has got us looking at alternative materials to make the cars lighter....................................the solution we came up with is children drivers :) endless new circuit driver, he saved us 30kg :)

Our fuel really, we made a fuel additave that allows us to run just high octane gas + this fuel additave. Saves pre-stage members money on HKS drag gas, and means their money is spent on the next part / tuning rather than GAS.......but why is there no stickers? well, we dont want anyone to know our special the cake we bake taste very very nice :)


Houdachi loves GTR, so much so that he wanted to show the world with his new and improved GT-R dance, which I managed to photo here............"can`t touch this....."

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