Sunday, 16 November 2008


Beautiful setting....but a little noisy :)

Saurus customer car is runing the new HKS T62 Turbo
Saurus R32 GTR with T62 turbo, Vcam and seem welded chassi, sadly it broke on the day.
Escort who have a shop in under 60 meters from entrance of central, and have a twin turbo ferrari in their shop.
"ansin jidousha" means safety car.....Escort had trouble all weekend but managed an 8.2 sec run to win the open class
Inside Escort R32 GT-S pro drag car, the owner of the car
has spent Yen: 30,000,000 getting this car into the low 8sec barrier, but its chassi will allow it to go to 7.5sec. This quite normal looking lancer, was running in the 11sec class, he has a full 2.3ltr engine and HKS Vcam with large turbo.

This Aristo was also made for pro drag, but he had problems in the outlaw class all day, best time was mid 11s.
Trust T88-38gk was under the bonnet
Screen has run in the 9sec class before, and with pro driver achieved many 9.5sec runs (good for an SR20 engine) But sadly their modifications that were made didnt allow them to compete in the out law class (sub 9sec class)......but will be a car to watch next year.

this soarer was wearing a very tough drag body kit, but afer talks wih the driver, its actually a rather normal engined car bar the big single turbo, aero and slicks, he ran in the 11sec class.

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