Saturday, 13 December 2008

Veilside Japan is sold

Most of you who read this, know of total tuning shop Veilside.
Well recently Veilside Japan was sold to a new owner and now we also have Veilside Nagoya.
Yokomaku san (Veilside`s original founder) has returned to USA to focus on Veilside`s new high end brand body parts.
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One of the main reasons this has come about, which is somewhat of a famous tax is how many Veilside body parts were copied.
Although this can be classed as "famous tax" its also something that hurts the Japanese tuning industry. With that in mind, Veilside knows Lambourghini / Ferrari owners will not put casio watch straps on a rolex, same goes for their cars and its a good way for Veilside to safe guard the future.

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