Friday, 19 December 2008

Today at the shop

Today at the shop, I watched Houdatchi install another Vcam system on a customers R32 GTR.
Engine is normal 2568cc RB26DETT, but we today added HKS Vcam, HKS Fcon V Pro, HKS and upped injector cc. Responce when the vcam is switched on, is compleatly different. Without vcam in 5th @ 4,000rpm the RB26DETT feels like it struggles alot. Flip the Vcam on, and very different, like add a few extra CCs of displacement that you didnt have before :)
最近Vカムがきてます!今日はR32へのインストールです!ノーマルRB26エンジンですが、さすがHKS Vカム、高いだけあります。まったく違ったエンジンに豹変させます・・・

おまけ カーボン

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