Thursday, 12 February 2009

Osaka Auto Messe 2009

Well we have just got back from setting up the Osaka Auto Messe stand, and its bigger and better than last year.

We have all the turbos on the stand, from trust Holset/Endless and HKS T62R although there is only one turbo on the stand that can flow 1200hp and as kryten from Red Dwarf would say, "you bet you ass" its not HKS T62. Which despite all the early claimes by HKS it can`t actually hit the 1200ps it was claimed to do so. Heres why, the HKS T62-R turbo can flow a maximum of 1620cfm which when divided by 1.45 gives the HP figure, then multiply that by 1.0139 to give you the PS if needed, for thoes of you who cant be arsed to work that out I will do it for you :) HKS T62 turbo can only provide enough air for 1117hp/1133ps where as the new holset endless turbo will keep you drag boys happy, as it flows 1744cfm which is 1202hp/1220ps.

The R34 above is finished, so now off to the Osaka Auto Messe, (now it 1:22am, so I am shagged out but I will take many photos tomorrow and upload them throughout the day).
Keep a look out tomorrow.

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