Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Pro D1 car is up forsale now, got some very nice photos for you

Now for sale! Have a look at this, possible one of the most special S14A drift cars ever made!
Owner: Miki sans (former top secret driver) this is his personall car, everything on the car was made last year, the car has run twice on the track (shake down) before Miki san said he is not going to come out of retirement and compete in D1 street top class. SO here you have it. enjoy,
and if you dont know who he is,

Wheels that come with the car are the same wheels that willare seen in the photo above.
Everything on the car is carbon....doors, trunk, spoiler, bonnet, front bumper, rear bumper, front fenders, roof, dash!

Full tomei 2200cc engine, with one of surgetank (intake manifold) complete with HKS 6 speed transmission, power is 530ps and 60kg/m of torque.

Interior bucket seats for driver and passanger, battery is located in the passenger footwell

Full rollcage welded to the chassi

Carbon fiber rear firewall pannel,

Seem welded chassi

Dash is full carbon fiber, features a stack digital odo meter and engine start button.

Two tone paint can best be seen here,

Full carbon fiber roof, the original roof was moulded, then cut away and replaced with the carbon roof.

Rear spoiler, full carbon and attached to the carbon trunk, here you can also see the acryllic glass which is drilled, to allow access to the suspension, so it can be adjusted easier, than having to enter the car.

Carbon Fiber rear bumper with titanium exhaust

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