Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Endless-R/Holset New turbo line up for 2009

Well we have been working very hard with a Holset turbocharger tuner in Europe, and together have a line up which should be both cost effective when compaired with HKS / Trust turbo options and also have the possibility to work even better, spool faster, last longer.
One thing that we were very interested in after reading about Holset turbos on various internet forums etc was the cost of these turbos and the performance they could give (and this was just the normal type)! Holset have thought about turbo charging in a very different way, and when they heard about the normal manifold size we use on larger turbos such as 42.5mm on the trust T88 and even the big 45mm manifold on the 38GK 22cm version they laughed and said this is the weakness within some of the other makers turbos. Then they preceeded to teach us that Holset is a very different turbo, engineered to a higher level and to withstand faster flowing exhaust gasses. Both HKS and Trust turbos are engineered for a certain exhaust gas speed / pressure, this is because if the exhaust gasses were to hit the turbine wheel, they would eventially sheer the turbine wheel off the centre shaft. Simply they are not engineered to cope with high flow tuned manifolds.
A simple way that was used on me (I am a thicky) use was when most of us were children, we played with the toy you can see below.
If you can imagine taking a normal drinking straw and blowing through it you would get it to spin very fast and quickly (high responce). then imagine taking the centre tube from a kitchen towl role and trying the same, you would eventially get it to spin (unless you run out of breath)....that in its self is the base premis of thought behind the Holset turbos.

Fast moving exhaust gasses give 2 key benifits, first is your engines efficency is emproved because it takes less fuel / rpm to make boost pressure and the second is faster moving exhaust gasses are in the turbine compressor for less time which leads to a cooler compressor temp and engine bay temp.
The other key features of any turbo charger, is compressor wheel.
This is where Holset exceeds.
Due to their recommended manifold thickness being thinner than conventional sizes to speed up exhaust gas flow and increase responce, the set about rethinking the design of the compressor wheel. As now in this day and age new technology allows them to do away with the unreliability of the conventional cast compressor wheel and use a fully machined billet aluminum compressor wheel as you can see below. This compressor wheel gives 2 very good benifits also, its much stronger than the cast compressor of yesterdays turbos, there is no flex or vibration in the compressor blades, which allows for better balancing and gives the bearings a much easier life when high boosting. They also allows redesign of the blades configuration to enhance the compressor map. These compressor wheels have no problem with boosting over 3.0kg/m and still being with in the 70% efficency and more!

And the last thing that some of you will like, is the sound, never has a turbo sounded so awsome, Sugino san said, the noise is the best he has heard from a large turbo, very intimidating, makes the T51-R sound like a baby! But some of our customers grow tiresome of the noise that T51-R makes, but have to live with it, however with the holset turbo, you can choose when you like to have the noise and performance, or if going on a long journey, the tiresome whistle will take its towl on your ears, simply reinset the MWE ring. This will reduce power if running alot of boost (the compressor map becomes more sedate) but the high pitched noise is also stopped. So gives you best of both worlds.....transformer turbos anyone?

So here is the line up,

My favourite has to be these babies below, they can be bolted on, and have a 2.1bar actuactor (unheard of for actuator turbos to perform like these)


Next the T70-R, these are available in normal or watercooled housings, a great 700hp Turbo, it also has a T4 flange!

T90-R is there for thoes who perhaps have the OS Giken 3.0ltr, as the Turbine Housing is quite large it makes a very effective high flow turbo, this turbo requires thin manifold to increase its responce

T95-R is recommend for the High power user, or drag SR / Evo Engines, Its 16cm Housing allows for very high responce while the larger compressor wheel gives great power. You will need to work with your tuner on sizing the manifold to make the best of this turbocharger. It will exceed ball-bearing turbochargers responce.

T100-R is our reply to HKS T62-R. WHat I was interested in is HKS first got everybodys attention with their T62-R turbo, It was on our stand 1 years ago at the Osaka Auto Messe, and said 1200ps turbo......amazing we all though, then when we had a look at the compressor wheel design and map (available from Garretts homepage) you could see the compressor cannot ever flow enough air (CFM) to supply that rated power, So we asked Holset, do they have something that can actually do the job.....well below is their reply.....

Side by side, one does the power doesnt

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