Sunday, 19 April 2009

Central Circuit

Some photos we took of a rather interesting day, when testing the R34 GTR before it heads of too Endless-R Norway. Our Driver Iiri san was very impressed with the car, although as you will see from the video we will upload, the condition were not what you would call perfect, as earlier that day an RX-7 left oil all over the track......(which got all on the tires and the car) and slowed us down this time. On the day the car was only running 1.5kg/m boost and even this proved too much for the Zeal Suspension. Iira san`s comments were the racing Zeal suspension did not have enough travel, so even with the 600hp or so on tap, when he was cournering hard the car was lifting the front wheel so lost grip in the courners. That said the day was very productive and great to finally see the car in action, hear the noise of the hard tuned engine....(video coming tomorrow). He identified the main things on the car that will help its performance, Nagisa Auto R34 managed a 1:18 at Tsukuba circuit with special SS tire and some 750hp, Very fast so we knew we had our work cut out.....but on his only second lap he managed a 1:24.....yes 6sec slower we know :) but were only using S-Tire (M compound) and down on power, we simply couldnt keep the speed in the courners due to suspension stiffness and track conditions, but as you will see tomorrow....the owner of the car who resides in Norway will have his work cut out.......and Iiri san said, change the suspension, brake pads and tire compound only and we will see a sub 1:20 with him at the wheel, I hope the changes would allow the use of more power and the time would drop further, so 150hp+ Nos could potentially give us the extra 2 sec needed....only time will tell.
Iiri san checking the car
Talking to Sugino san about how he will drive, and things he will test in the first 3 laps

As you can see, the white power was located all around the circuit, especially on the straight which was right where we were coming out of 2nd gear to try and put power down. Traction was an issue.
As you can see, alot of the white stuff made its way on the back of the car,
Also something else which is equally as interesting, is Endless-R Norway will not just be running R34 aka "baku" but also a special Nissan Silvia.....which was previously driven by an ex F1 Driver in a well know race series in Japan. Open class in Norway will never be the same again!

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