Tuesday, 26 May 2009

HKS have released a new oil pump for the RB26 engines. And its so far the highest flowin crank driven oil pump made for the GT-R. At 6000rpm it flows 65ltr/min which HKS claims is a 38% improvement over N1 oilpump.

We compaired it too Tomei`s oil pump (perhaps the best oil pump on the market) and HKS`s newest effort passes that by 9ltrs/min at 6000rpm (Tomei flowing 56ltr/min)
For refference nissan N1 oil pump flows 47ltr/min @ 6000rpm.

One thing we were worried about tho, is the normal GTR oil pan is only 4ltrs of oil, where the tomei pump has proved very efficient on many high power GTRs, the HKS is sucking alot more oil out of the oil pan, question is will the oil return to the sump to match the speed thats its being withdrawn....Sugino san said people are advised to use a larger oil pan (similar to Endless-R 8ltr capacity) and also look at the head return to help with the flow.

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