Friday, 12 June 2009

My book collection :) and some photos from the past

Books, (I had a feirece battle with my wife to keep these, she simply doesnt understand they are worth a right bollok to some people :)

More books

More more Books

A few of my favourite books, an old classic option magazine, and a rev speed from 1995, drifting wasn't around then, it was all drag / street / circuit and some dress up! bottom book is 17 years of drag racing history, simply the most interesting book I have, the word extreme simply is good enough to explain the creativity that was so abundant when drag racing was taking place at Fuji

Drag Z with the turbos out of the engine, and the exhaust inside the car exiting out the passanger window? Crazy!

L28 Triple Turbo drag car.....still under 500hp tho, but weight was under 800kg!

N/A L28-engined car, tiny wheel base but built for drag, 11sec champ impessive to say the least.

HKS R33 GTR first outing, weighed in at a little over 1000kg, later weight dropped to 980kg (How did they remove 50kg?).....naughty HKS ;)

1991, HKS pisses on everybodys bonfire, supra is nearly 1.0sec faster than the comp!

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