Thursday, 25 June 2009

RB26 Dry carbon cam covers.

First glimpse of our dry carbon covered camcover set for the RB26. The dry carbon is added to the aluminum covers after cleaning, for thoes of you who are running top mounted turbos, its advised you heat wrap your manifold + add turbo jackets...failing that at least add a heat shield :) as the carbon is tested until 150degrees. Low mount turbo guys, no problem. These parts are a special cosmetic finish to thoes who are looking to complete their engine bay.

Prices are in 2 forms, if you send us your engine cover set, price is Yen: 145,000 posted back to you via EMS.
If you need to drive your car, and want to buy just a new set (so you will end up with 2 sets) the cost is Yen: 190,000 posted to you via EMS

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