Saturday, 1 August 2009

Endless-r have developed new brakes for R32/33/34

For the last 3 months, we have been developing a brake kit for the R32/33 and r34 GTR. Brake kit was tested for 3 hours in an R32 GTR weighing 1400kg, and running a boost up engine. Front we tested the 6potx355mm disc with normal street pads (race pads are available) and on the rear we use the 4 pot 330mm discs. 8pots are available with 380mm discs, they have been test fitted and cleared 18" TE37, but other wheels, we struggled to fit.
Braking was very srtong, and we couldnt make them catch fire at all (Sugino san was driving hard as he was pitted against Houdatchi in his new circuit Silvia. Power to weight of the cars was around the same, but Sugino san eventially took Houdatchi due to the ability of our braking him (Houdatchi running normal brakes)

I used photoshop to show the disc cooling after the last lap, you can see both the cooling properties at the outside of the disc.

Prices will be available online very soon, and customers can choose their own colour for the kits (any paint colour)


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