Friday, 4 September 2009

Project Carlo Begins

For the last 12months we we have been helping a customer with planning his new 2.8ltr RB26 engine 77.7mm stroke x 87mm bore setup. After many conversations what your about to see is the start of a full tune RB26 with tomei 2.8ltr engine base.

Today finally the Tomei parts arrived, we finally opend the box containing a brand new N1 block. The blocks 86mm bore means the 87mm are too large to fit, so they are sent away to be professionally fitted by our friends shop.

87mm pistons

H-beam conrods hold everything together, and they will be working pretty hard on this setup, as the engine when finished will be making OVER 800hp.

Tomei 77.7mm crankshaft photos, enjoy

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