Wednesday, 25 November 2009

JDDA final at 仙台 Sendai

Here are some photo updates, first day we had alot of rain, so there was no action on the saturday (used as shakedown time) So back to Onsen (ryokan) that was about 15min drive from Sendai. Quick onsen then off to Sendai city (30min drive). Cameback, ate then went to the outside onsen (water heated by natural means) temp was around 45degrees, few of the guys from Escort and Promodet joined, few beers then of too sleep, here are the photos I took on saturday. (more tomorrow)

Yello car here was running a very serious engine, and was a consistant 9sec car

Tcraft R32 gtr is in the 8sec class, yet as far as I know have yet to run an 8sec pass...they always rev the engine hard at the start line, but always seem to bog off which put them in the high 9sec catagories, however its a very serious car, just need some more time in the seat.

Like the lip on this R32 GTR, its a 9sec class car, that is driven on the streets.

Nice to see a few of the older cars coming out to play, this 3.1ltr L series engine was turbocharged, and running in the 10sec class.

Promodet`s drag porsche. full pipe frame chassi, with 3.6ltr NA engine in the front!!! Had some issues on the day and was making uneven contact with the wheelie bars which was sending the car off slightly at launch. Should be good for high 8s, Owner / driver told me his previous car was 911 turbo that ran high 9s.

This GT-S was street / drag tuned. RB27 engine (stroked RB25)

Always had a thing for the GTI-R, and this car was running low 11s, even managed a dryhop without breaking the transmission, after I checked the video (i recorded at 600fps) I could see that the 4wd system was almost all at the front wheels, which I was surprised to see.

Bikes, I no nothing about them, I don`t even know how to change gear.....but what I do know is the below machine is very impressive, 250hp turbo...8sec street bike, not for the feint hearted, he told me he is only 65kg, so even with the low boost he is running, he doesnt have enough body weight to keep the front end down and he is loosing time, he said gaijins are better are drag bikes because they are heavier (when not using a wheelie bar) so can launch harder and run more power.

Feint remains of a sticker here on this proven 7sec drag cars bonnet.....

Grandslam option R32 GTR was running low 9sec passes.

Target 8sec GTR, had a new face (frp) and also running well in the 8sec class.

180sx from Garage Saurus was in 10sec class, still a far cry from Texmodify, which was one of the best cars on the day.

Very nice car,

Garage Ito R33 GT-S later gets some air, suspension is perfect on the car, launch is perfect and very consistant.

Below car is 10,000cc V8, had the best engine on the day, and was perhaps the cleanest car there. He had nos too, and around 1100hp under his right foot. It was also the loudest car on the day.

Duke R33 GTR, had a sticker for the headlight, not sure thr reason but looked pretty cool.

Also one of the loudest cars on the day, side exit muffler and the sound of a brigeported rotary hurt my ears.

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