Monday, 24 November 2008

2:30pm here in Japan...and off to setting

Well yesterday we had a day booked at central circuit for the R32 demo car to be mapped, this ws our last chance before this years final race at central later on in the month. 30th....and you guessed rained all day! Sugino san then put the chances of racing on the 30th as almost 0% as we could not map the car........I was very upset....however today I went out to get his lunch, and when I returned I could hear the rumble of the gtr!!!! I thought they were just moving it, but when I checked, Sugino san was inside, so I went over and told him his "me-shi"was here, and said joking aside..."you getting some practice in" he said nope we going setting....he booked our friends 1000ps dyno, so thats where were going....with camera in a second! video will be uploaded today!

昨日、ENDLESS R32のシェイクダウンのため意気揚々とセントラルサーキットを予約したのですが・・・・雨!

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