Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Dyno Video

Well, we got to our friends shop, who have a 1000ps dyno.....so quickly got the car off the trailer and on the ramps, but due to the location of the shop, we have to have the shutter down, so the noise is extreme....although the car is very very loud.
やってきました、1000ps対応ダイノチェックです。ささっと積車からEndless R32を下ろして、これから起こります騒音公害に備えてシャッターを締め切るのです(ご近所さま、本当に申し訳ありませんです)
T88-38GK turbo sound is very impressive, I hope you will like.....and it shows how different the GK series to other Trust turbos....very much like the T51R from HKS in sound, but much stronger at higher boost.
ここからは、百聞は一見にしかずで、youtubeの動画を見ていただければわかるのですが、TRUST GReddyの38GKがいかに他のトラストタービンと違うのかご覧ください!HKSのT51R のような、でももっと力強い・・・
After mapping the car, Sugino san said we should power check.....
Here we had 3 people + sugino in the car, and 3 x heavy water bottle filled weights in the trunk with VHT sprayed on the rollers and 2 ratchet straps holding the car down....
Sugino san goes through the transmission in to 6th gear (as you will see in the movie) then stepped hard on the gas pedel......sounds like things are going well then rpm shoots up too fast, I know what has happened which is also confirmed by sugino san laughing in the car.....wheel slip.....we just couldnt keep the tires from spinning....
Sugino san got out of the car and said the rpm shot up and km/h read over 270....but the dyno read only 220kmh....seems we had wheel spin from 200kmh in 6th.....and we still posted a power reading of 820hp.....so the car at only 2.0kgm is making somewhere around the 1000ps (estimated) so things should be very exciting on the 30th....last drag race session of the year.
Here is the movie.....

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