Thursday, 20 November 2008


Today 00:01 I was awoken by my fiance screaming at me "whats happing to your face" I was alarmed and bolted up right and reached out and could feel some strange goings on....especially around my was like someone or something had scoured lines around my eyes, then I no means of my own.......I had turned 30.........I am sure I am not the only one who this has happened too, but it felt like it.

Actually I shouldnt scare all you 29 years olds or younger.....(I am not the boogie man) but as I crossed over to the other side, I can say nothing changed and the above was just bullshit.....I mean, I didnt even go to sleep, I was too excited to see if anyone bought me any crap :)

So what did happen I hear you ask? fiancee gave me a special and heavy box, and said "tan-joe-be o-mu-dee-to" which means (and I spelt phonetically, pheneticlaay??? or however you spell that word) "happy birthday" as a rough translation.....she then followed with "ku-so-ge-ge" which is like "old bastard" :) I laughed and continued to open my gift.....

The box:
The watch is designed by Yoshioka Tokujin 吉岡徳仁、and the minutes are the small hand which is somehting quite unique.
It also never needs a battery.....just a few turns in the day of the dial if I am not wearing it, or just leave it on and hopefully should last forever....or at least until I hit 40s (another story)
Just simple design this side, but I love the mechanical workings inside. Thankyou for my gift xxx I want to turn 30 every day :)

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