Thursday, 20 November 2008

Mapping Rains car...

Well, Today we had a nice dry day, so we put the plates on Rains car, and took it out for "live" mapping. Houdachi driving, Isono san mapping and me sat in the back filming (video coming)
First impression is.....OMG

Second impression is OMG....why does it pull so well?

Differences and problems with originality:
The full counter engine with race head doesnt sound like any other RB I have heard. The engine has almost an N/A tune to it, not too disimilar to the sound of the straight six BMW had in their flagships saloons....but then the turbos kick in and your reminded (and quite quickly I might add) that there is 2 industrial hairdryers blowing alot of air into the engine :)....bloody hell the car is fast and thats with 3 people.......and It gets better....and worse :( .....lets do the worst first....
We mapped the car on different boost levels, 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5kgm
Every boost setting up until 1.4kgm was fine....then when we tried we couldnt believe it, a little clutch slip, which we were shocked as Nismo quote 670ps and 84kgfm of torque, perhaps the clutch is over rated?
Isono san wanted to get the data at 1.5bar (the movie will be uploaded tomorrow) but the clutch slipped alot.
Other parts that may not help the nismo clutch is the R34 GTR transmisson coupled with the R32 final drive ration of 4.1 makes for a very responsive car, and very aggressive torque delivery from low down RPM,
The good news was, I couldnt believe this is only a 2770cc engine......even at the boost setting of 1.3bar, the car pulled like a train,
RAIN san also has the privilege of owning the very rare R34 GTR Z-Tune......which we set as a bench mark and today I feel we beat it. We got the data for 1.5bar boost, and the car will go for final setting on the rollers at other endless shop.


QUESTION: Why is this so different from the others cars we have made?

ANSWER: Rain wanted everything that is found one of our wild race cars.....then asked us to tame/muzzled it and put in his daily driver, its not something thats done very often and I feel we pulled it off well......but it still has bite, which the Nismo twin clutch found out ;) here is the spec of the beast...or be it tamed beast.


Base car stripped and seem welded
Re-painted in Nissan Silver (Z-tune colour)
1989 block
Step 3 full counter crank
H beam conrods
87mm pistons
endless crank cap bolts
ATI crank damper
7500cc endless oil pan
1.2mm metal head gasket
Squish area removed from head
combustion chamber adjusted so all the same size
compustion chamber polished
Intake ports enlarged
Intake ports polished
shim adjusted
272/272 cams
valve springs uprated
adjustable cam pullies
720cc injectors
fuel delivery pipe
16 row Oil cooler
Endless-R fuel pressure regulator
T51Z turbos
Endless-R exhaust manifolds
Endless-R intake manifold
Trust 3 layer intercooler
Endless-R/TRUST hard pipe kit
Ganador titanium exhaust
R35 GTR 380mm brakes and calipers
R35 skyline rear brakes 340mm discs and calipers
Full ROBSON leather reamake
R34 GTR front seats
Endless-R dry carbon bonnet
R34 6 Speed transmission
Nismo coppermix twin clutch (lazy)
Nismo LSD
Endless-R quantum developed suspension
TE37 18" wheels

I am sure I have left things out.....but you get the idea, Its one hell of a street car with no tuning stone left unturned :) (well apart from a small few things but I will let rain pick and choose his next parts)


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