Sunday, 9 November 2008

Working on the R32 this Sunday

Today we were busy, getting the car ready for the last run of the year....(24th) when we hope to beat our record. So with that in mind, and knowing every little helps we made an FRP mould of the Drivers side headlight to save around 2kg (4kg in total as we are using tomei cold air intake headlight for the passanger side. Here are the pics:



Our 100mm turbo funnel goes on the T88-38GK, looking "pika-pika" but our hands look "ba-la-bala" :(

Engine plate goes on, car is given number 023, as this year is Endless 23rd special car for us, and nice number to go with it.

Headlight prototype.....repairing the crack where "rick san" missed when he popped the mould out......foreign peoples hands are too big!!!!!!!hehehe

Quite a few pin holes were in the mould, so some filler later :) it started to look ok.....dont cry "Rick san" it is still your tuning!
Some time later, and its starting to look interesting....but actually was alot of work involved.....the prototype will be staying a prototype :(.......said Sugino san.

Sugino san checking the fitting of the tomei unit, he doesnt like it, so more processing will be done to make secure.

some more lightening of the bonnet, the CFRP give us better cooling, but infact it started off heavier than the OEM part....some processing later, they are about the same weight....

Painted and fitted......:)   装着図。

Yellow circle is related to some special tuning we have done.....a first for us, and works very very well. :) Anyone has a guess to what we have done?

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