Sunday, 9 November 2008

"Doctor san" R34 Drag machine

Doctor Sans R34 GTR has been made to test the limit of the HKS Vcam System. Not many drag cars have opted for the use of Vcam, so will be interesting to see how the Vcam works with the new engine.
Spec for engine number 012 is as follows:
Endless cement filled block
87mm pistons
H-Beam connecting rods
Endless racing crank cap bolts
Normal GTR crank
Endless super surge tank
Veilside 100mm single throttle
HKS Vcam system
290EX cam
HKS 3240 turbos!
70hp wet shot of NOS
4 layer intercooler
3 layer radiator
Fuel cell
Pro Liner system
1000cc injectors
endless fuel pressure regulator
fuel cooler system (dry ice)
Holinger sequential transmission
HKS triple plate clutch
Alcon brakes
Endless Hi-cas cancel bar
line lock
Endless one off SUS front pipe
100mm titanium exhaust
and Fcon V Pro

2 Huge 3240 turbos!  3240タービンx2

Extra blowby tank was fabricated and sits very nice on the top of the engine.

Vcam system

Twin Screamer pipes for the huge wastegates that vent out turbo pressure.

Endless Original 7500cc drag oil pan....Sugino san said this was made from over 30 hard launches in endless beginning, when he would monitor the oil pressure dropping, finally the internal prcessing allowed us to keep stable oil pressure.

Giving an extra 70hp wet shot when needed.....  あとひと押し!がほしいときに・・・

random photo ;)

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