Friday, 12 December 2008

Photo of our polish man Gotou san`s work!

Early this week when I first heard about the project, I couldnt believe my ears...

Rick: "Shacho, R32 dou suru?" (Boss, Whats going to happen with the R32?)
Sugino san: (smiling) "boost up" (laughs)
Rick: Hontoni? (really?)
Sugino san: "hai....tabun omoshiroi" (yes, maybe fun)
Rick: "doshite?" (why?)
Sugino san: "base data"
Rick: "soka....." (how do you translate soka in to english?...anyone?)

Anyway was boring for me to first hear about this project, but I must say, as the days have gone on, I am getting alot more interested.


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