Wednesday, 10 December 2008

R32 DRAG CAR engine update!

At 4pm today, the "pit" was alive with activity, Sugino san had the guys refit a normal RB26 GTR engine to the drag car, for some datalogging on chassi.
Question which has never really been answered, is how fast can a normal RB26 go over the 0-400m in a well prepped chassi. Well were going to find out....time now is 6:30pm, and in 2hr 30min the new engine is in!
Spec of the new engine for data logging is,




  • Normal RB26 engine from R34 GTR
  • HKS Hideck crank damper pully kit
  • Endless Steering belt
  • 1.1bar boost
  • Endless ROM tune
  • Holinger sequential transmission
  • HKS drag suspension
  • Hoosier tire
Time we are aiming for is 10sec! we will test on the 23rd of December! so keep your eyes pealed
And dont for a second think this is the final engine for the R32, we have something bigger and better which will be revealed to all next year...:) now I have already said too here are a few photos!


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