Tuesday, 9 December 2008

End of HKS Hideck Engine...on with something new:)

We opened the engine to inspect possible failure of the R32 GTR,
HKS oil pump has failed.....this is the end of the R32 GTR engine, HKS nolonger make parts, so crank is finished, as is conrod.....but have spares if anyone wants :)
This is the main bearing......
This is space plate and cylinder liners, water jackets are filled with cement, for block strength.
Due to the conrod length, the piston pin is moved up, as you can see, however this creates a slight inbalance in the piston, and can cause piston wobble.
Liners and plate, interfitting.
Crankshaft and oil jet, full counter crank is a work of art.
Bottom photo.
Cylinder 1, you can see on the left, the heat caused by oil pump failure.
Heat on the conrod....bearing also failed
Heat on the conrods, only this conrod was damaged.

Bottom left you can see the crankshaft damage
Better photo showing the liners

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