Sunday, 7 December 2008

Vortex R34 GTR

I heard krazy Kenta san running, he was tired and very much out of breath....."RICK san" he SHOUTED softly in another persons ...go have a look in the pit, see the R34 , and take the camera.

This is what I found

Huge 19" Nismo GT LM alloys, with +12 offset.
Engine badge, "we obtain mach" food for thought I though

Their engine was normal, apart from turbo, cam upgrade, twinturbo pipe was modified for airflow (same thing we do here) but I have to say, the gold plating on the Sard FPR looked very good. Main thing that cought my eye!

Closed and for some reason shaky view??? Bad camera man!
Nice view showing the different MNP III paint.

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