Tuesday, 11 November 2008

"Gotou san"

Well done to Gotou san, who at Sendai highlands this year dominated the 9sec class, beating other tuning shops such as Garage Saurus, Feast Power, Target to win the GTR Pro 9sec class!!! He is this years JDDA champion with a best run of 9.020 backed up with a 9.030.....Video coming very soon!


His timing slip is here, as you can see he had a very good 60ft, but you will see from the incar video we will upload, he changed at 8000rpm.....not 9500????? Should have been 8sec run......unless he is thinking of this picture below, and wants to surprise Sugino san!!


Lets see if the time is ready!! Shacho, Dou su ru?


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