Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Todays treat! 4 x great GTRs

Circuit-R getting ready to do some more KMs......then it will be going for its first shakedown pass at central circuit!

Rains famous R32 GTR, 600ps with R34 6 speed, R32 final drive and full tuned engine!...with R35 brakes and full interior upgrade.

Vcam R34 GTR with piston and conrods with 2 x 3240 turbos.

New drag R32 GTR single T88-38gk turbo with Hideck engine.

Taken accross the road, Rains although not white, is still as special as the others.
4 GTRs remind me of a school (think its school of fish...??) of Sharks ready to eat!

Sugino san saw this photo, ignored all the cars, and grabbed us off to the paint shop, so tomorrows update will be a little purple and messy.......yes were painting endless purple!
Rains R32 GTR with R35 GTR 380mm calipers

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